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IoTech India was set up with a mission to make the industry experts in india, dealing with digitization and automation the pioneers of this world class technology.

India, a culturally and spiritually rich nation, needs to get back its title of ‘The Golden Bird’, by strengthening its base and hold in the world rankings, by excelling in the field of science & technology. We being the proud citizens, wish to bring this hidden talent we are blessed with, for our advantage and stand out in the crowd as a developed nation in the world.

Our Former President and a valuable visionary Shri. A. P. J Abdul Kalam put in all his hardwork and intelligence to suffice this dream, but destiny left us longing for it. For the respect and regards for the efforts put in by our national heroes, freedom fighters, we stand here to pledge to keep the pride upright.



Empowering & enabling India to become the supreme digital power



Bringing & connecting IoT experts onto a single platform



Making India a renowned player in the world of technology

We Connect, Advertise, and Sell. Once the connection is established, we are the Sales end you looking for.


Strength business connections. Getting fresh ideas, advice and support. Bring ahead the startups & their ideas onto a recognizable platform. Getting up and in connect with the latest research and policies. Interconnected business contacts = more knowledge. Gain a different perspective. Skills promotions & highlight opportunities matching them. Business & career advancement.  Access to job opportunities.


Innovation, Masterplans, Ideas all come to a standstill, if it does not come out of the development centre. Hence we here build the bridge between the entrepreneurs and the customers by:

  • Digital Sales & Marketing Techniques
  • Showcasing and Highlighting Strategies
  • Dramatically attracting customers


IoT, the concept has been in trend lately, but it finds it’s roots way back in the 20th century, when the technology was discovered by the father of IoT, with the invention of auto RFID system. Since then technology kept creating a passage for itself and entered all sectors right from agriculture to automobiles to smart cities. IoT, in the coming few decades, will keep improving and improvising, and would leave no room for any possible downfall. The numbers in this technology will only multiply from millions to trillions to way beyond.

Nothing ever survives as the sole gripper or change maker, hence even we are organized on 3 level basis:

About Us

IoTech India is the first of its kind company which promotes the tech developers and help the GDP of the country reach higher. We aim to have India, as one of the dream nations to live in, and a citizenship that people will long to achieve.

We started as a group of 8 people belonging to different industries professionally, only to find our advancement all looking upto technology. We collaborated with several companies onto a networking platform, providing and availing opportunities to one another. Little did we know then, that the demand of IoT exclusively would shoot up to the stars, hence, we decided onto creating an exclusive platform to get people in the digitization world together.

IoT alone has never completed the technology magic, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence have always been their next step forward. Though we call it IoT, but we refer to the term IoE, meaning Internet of Everything. A one stop shop for all tech needs, that are smart, intelligent and analytically guiding us with insights.

We wish to have more and more people connected to us, so we can approach the world needs together or individually but atleast we will know where to build and assure the completion of the ecosystem.


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